Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm Legal & Other Stuff

Doin' a little happy dance around the homestead.

I won't share pictures.

I have pride, y'all.

I'm now legal in every sense of the word.

Bless your little hearts--I've got TWENTY-ONE followers!

Insert picture here of me doing the white-man's overbite while doing the Cabbage Patch.  Got it? Yeah baby. That's me.  

I'm still not quite sure about what the followers do per se, but hey, thanks nonetheless.  I'm thrilled, again, that 21 people have taken the time to go through the ordeal of following me.  Hopefully sometime soon my guy and I will figure out how to do a subscription thing and you can see my incredibly fantastic and amazing posts show up in your email.  Wouldn't that be great?  It would be like I stopped by to chat before you'd had a shower and you were wearing the same clothes three days in a row because who in their right mind would stop by your house without announcing themselves?

Well, it wouldn't really be like that, but it would be close.

And I really wouldn't care what you were wearing because I'd be wearing my 3-day old outfit too.

See? I'm not that bad.  And I'm not really a Southern my blog title says, I'm only kinda sorta like a Southern Belle.  No big hair here.  I don't wear pearls everyday (though I did in college) and more often than not I DO go out on errands with not a stitch of makeup on. (GASP!)

What are you all up to today?

I'm in the process of loving my Shark Steam Mop.

Loving it. Love love love love.
I have got to get out more.

Actually, I'm getting my house cleaned and laundry done in anticipation for a GIRLS WEEKEND WITH MY BEST FRIEND! I'll post more on that after the fact.  It will be wild and crazy, let me tell you.  At least as wild and crazy as two moms with no kids or husbands can get. Get Real Moment: We'll probably be in bed before 9pm and we'll be up around 6am.  That kid-alarm-clock thing is hard to turn off. 

I can't have my house dirty when I leave for a trip.  I'm strange like that.  Plus, I'd like to think I'll come home to a house that is kind of clean....sort of clean....OK, I'll take reasonably recognizable.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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