Monday, August 23, 2010

Dancing In The Street

This is what we see any given day. Our sweet 14 year old golden retriever, Cameron, wating patiently for us to open the door to let her in after she's done her private business (ahem).  She's a champ when it comes to going out- she waits by the door and heads out to her spot and comes right back. No digging, no leaving the yard for a quick turn around the neighborhood. Nope, she's an indoor girl through and through. Or so we thought...
In the past year her age has started to catch up with her. It's becoming more difficult for her to get up those pesky steps and her hearing has started failing as well.  While this isn't too big a deal, I mean, she's in good health otherwise, it does prove interesting when trying to impose our will upon her.
In her old age she's become quite brazen- jumping up to surf the coffee table for any reamining Doritos or bits of PBnJ, laying around and barking at whomever enters our house or just barking to get someone over to scratch her belly. And she's decided she likes hanging outside after she "goes".  No biggie except when I have somewhere to be and sweet Cam has decided that lounging in the sun is preferable to coming inside.  Since I'm not a dog trainer and have no experience with deaf dogs, I've resorted to some crazy stuff in trying to impose my will upon my 110 lb dog. I've looked her in the eyes (you have to get them to focus) and begged for her to COME ON! I've tried picking up her back end, only to have the front end stay somehow rooted to the ground.  I've rolled her over and over. That only succeeded in getting her all grassy. The only thing that seems to get her attention is jumping around, waving my hands at her while saying "Come on sweetie, come on".  I realize the dog is deaf and the talking does her no good, but I figured I'd look less like an idiot if I was at least talking to her.
My neighbors are in the process of moving. The moving company people have been in and out all day. They've seen me outside at least twice. I hope they can see the dog too...
Cam's at the door right now. Better get my dancing shoes on.

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