Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Culture On Holiday

Cabin fever is not my friend.  It is not the friend of my children either. We become cranky, agitated, mean-spirited and just plain ugly.

So you can imagine my sheer and utter delight when I stumbled upon the web flyer for the Lippizzaner Stallions show that was in my area this past weekend! Joy Joy Joy!

I saw the Lippizzaner Stallions when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade.  My grandparents were with us.  I remember we sat pretty close to the front of the arena.

I remember beautiful white horses that danced instead of walking and that jumped like ballerinas.

I remember my grandmother saying it was the prettiest thing she'd ever seen.

In addition to being beautiful, the Lippizzaner Stallions have an amazing survival story from World War II that includes General George S. Patton, the Russians, some American servicemen who had to guard the horses and on and on and on.  You can read about them here at their site. 

They were bread for battle and every one of their moves was for  a purpose--be it to knock an opposing rider off his horse or to knock an opposing rider's horse out from under him.

I'm impressing you with my action shots. I can tell.

Tradition holds that having a black/dark horse in the stable with the white Lippizzaners was good luck, so each stable tried to have one.  This group travels with a dark horse, so to speak, who is NOT a Lippizzaner, but is some other kind of beautiful horse.  His nickname is Elvis and he danced- yes, danced- to swing music. It was fantastic!

This latest cultural outing was a success.  I'm already planning another.

Monster Jam 2011 is coming to my town in February.  We are SO there.

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