Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time Waster

Since last Tuesday night/early morning, someone in my family has been sick with a stomach bug.  Yuck.

My family should have had this in IV form.
The crazy thing is that it was a virus and we all know viruses don't act the same in everyone.  In our case, we had some with fever, some without...some throwing up, some not...all feeling the crud.  The only one who escaped the grasp of this most recent round of viral invasion was my little guy.  Guess what he has? 
He has Fifths Disease.  Sounds scary, but really it is a virus that can cause fever/aches/runny nose, but usually it has no symptoms.  Then your child ends up with a red rash on their face/arms/trunk that make them look like they have sunburn or have run a marathon.  It's harmless to most, but pregnant women shouldn't be around little ones with Fifths.  Good for us, we don't have any expecting friends. 

That's my past 8 days.  

Today, for the first time in a what seems like a  loooong time, I'm by myself.  The kids are healthy and busy elsewhere and my husband is at work.  Time for me to play with my new time waster....

Silhouette SD!!!!  

So many bloggers I follow use this for things they make and I was always so impressed.  With my house all to myself,  I finally got it out of the box (where it had been sitting since late February) and set it up.  

It was as easy as I had read online- and this is coming from a total technology dork--and I'm already excited about the things I can make for my kids.  

Here is my first project.  

I decided to start small and easy.  Really easy.  

I think it came out pretty cute, even if it is only words I typed on the screen and stuck on my IKEA bucket.  Next I'm going to do something for my son's preschool class for Easter.  I saw some cute buckets at the Dollar Store.  Wonder what I could do with those?  

 Can you hear my husband sighing and rolling his eyes right now?

Sitting here for an hour, playing with my new toy was a nice distraction.  Now back to reality and laundry.  

Laundry doesn't sound like nearly as much fun.

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