Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day in The Bubble

**My computer was acting up and I found some more pictures from our 4th of July parade and thought you'd enjoy them!**

I live in a planned community in Georgia.  After you've lived here a few years, you start referring to it as The Bubble.   It is situated around 3 golf courses and we have over 90 miles of cart paths that criss cross through the city.  I have a golf cart that seats 6 people...or 8 if the people are small.  When I describe the location of my house in relation to my sister or parents I use both the street distance (about 5 minutes by car) AND the cart path distance (about 15 minutes by cart).

Being so unique, our city's 4th of July parade is also unique.

Not because of that.

Because of this.

Thousands of golf carts, decked out with red, white and blue.  We didn't go all out this year, but it is fun to see what everyone does to their carts.

For one day the carts take over the roads on the parade route and traffic rules go out the window.

image via web

Wait, that isn't my town.  But it could be if you substituted golf carts in that picture.

That IS my town after the 4th of July parade.    Seriously.  Take hold of small children, close your eyes, point the front of your cart where you want to go and push the acclerator.  It's a miracle we all make it home for lunch! No, not really, but the huddled masses of golf carts is truly a sight to see.

This is the start of the parade.  We have one motorcycle policeman, 2 ATVs, some biker police and a seriously pimped out police golf cart.  It has lights and everything.  I wonder if it goes faster than the 19 mph most golf carts can go.  Hmm.....
 I haven't seen this but the police can pull you over on the cart path.  That mostly happens when teenagers act normal and go crazy on the cart paths.  BUT a few years ago we did have a city official who was ticketed for DUI on a golf cart.  Classy, huh?  There was another story of a man who knew he was too drunk to cart home so he had a friend drive him.  Smart and responsible, right?  

Not so much. 

Turns out the one driving was blind.  It was all over the local tv news.  Made our little town look really great.

So aside from the decorated golf carts, getting to throw traffic laws out the window for a day and celebrating America's birthday with thousands of our closest friends, do you want to know the best part of  this Independence Day in The Bubble?  

We are friends with the Grand Marshal of the parade!  That makes us part of the court, right?  Where else would that happen for some sort of southern belle like me?  BTW, he's practicing his "Royal Wave" with his kids AND video taping the parade!

Gotta love a small-ish town!

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