Thursday, July 7, 2011

Speed Cleaning

If I leave for a trip, I like to leave my house clean.

Sally Wheat Interiors

Isn't that pristine?  Isn't it pretty?  Wouldn't it be refreshing to walk in to a nice clean home after being away?

Am I weird?  I think my husband thinks I'm a bit on the odd side, but I'm of the opinion that coming home to a clean house is nice.  Calming.

My kids are out of the house and my speed cleaning is in full force.  How do you clean?  When I speed clean I'm doing one room at a time, as quickly as I can.

My tools of choice?

My trusty Shark Steam mop and my Orek vacuum.  Simple.  That's how I like stuff.

I follow Fly Lady with her swish and swipe routine for bathrooms.  Here is how I leave the brush to dry because I'm in such a hurry to do my speed cleaning...the best part is when I forget I've left the brush there and a guest actually has to use the guest bathroom.

 I mean, the gall of some people to actually use my guest bath.  Ugh.  Some people have no manners.  hee hee!  I bet Martha Stewart has never forgotten a toilet bowl brush in her toilet.  I'm sure she has someone who gets the brushes for her, but that's another conversation altogether.....

Martha Stewart Images
See? No toilet bowl brush.  Man, she's good!

I put laundry, toys, books, whatever else goes to my kids' rooms in a basket to take up to their rooms.  Sometimes the basket actually gets emptied and sometimes I hide it in the tub and pull the shower curtain closed.  If I can't see it then it isn't there.  Right?

I'm going for an overall clean look.  It may not be super clean, but by darn it, it will look clean!

I play great music.  If you peek in my windows while I'm speed cleaning you'll see me doing some version of an '80s dance.  Lately Ke$ha has been my music of choice.   I'm a tragic dancer.

Usually my cleaning goes well until I hit a road block.

It's a good thing she's cute.

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  1. Once I start cleaning it's like an addiction. I love, love, love coming home to a clean house, but am lucky enough just to remember to pack everything for the family, let alone clean. Usually I like fresh sheets and kids rooms with made beds, but no such luck this time....