Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have found the most fun blog and I wanted to share!Karen at The Art Of Doing Stuff

She is a tv personality from Canada who, for one thing, has some serious abs.  I don't have abs right now and so she is my hero.

From Karen @ The Art of Doing Stuff

Second, she has that ellusive "eye" for decorating that I wish I had.  Simple, classic, my humble opinion.  And, BONUS, she knows how to fix and make all sorts of this bowl.

From Karen @ The Art of Doing Stuff

I was searching her site, reading back posts, her story, clicking links that she liked and generally trying to infuse myself into her space.

My favorite post was about her selling or giving away ALL OF HER FURNITURE because she was ready for a big change.

That is so brave.  Maybe a little crazy, but seriously, how many of you have wanted to clear a room and start over?  Well, live through Karen and experience it second hand.  Her new home may not work for you and your life, but it is an amazing transformation of a space.

Karen's Living Room from Style At Hom
It has inspired me.

No, I'm not selling all my furniture, I'm not to that point yet.  But I am at the point of emptying out a room and putting things back one at a time, finding their right spot and truly loving the spaces in my home.

Run on over to Karen's blog and be inspired.

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