Sunday, May 1, 2011

That Guy

I'm completely behind with The Wedding post, but boy, has it been a busy few days on the homestead.

This will be short, as everyone has put in their two-cents worth and I agree with the following:

1.  Kate Middleton's dress was truly fantastic/lovely/beautiful/amazing/insert your choice here....

2.  Pippa was quite the looker in her dress as well.

3.  I thought of Princess Diana the whole time and felt she'd be so proud of her both of her sons.

4.  The sermon was so wonderfully traditional and practical.  Plus the prayer at the end was incredibly sweet.

5.  Leaving in the Aston Martin with balloons tied to the bumper makes me like them so much more than I already do.

Those things being said, as my kids and I watched The Wedding on Friday night (I had TiVo'd it),  my 5 year old son asked this as Prince William and Prince Harry entered the church....

"Mom, who are we rooting for?  The guy in the red or the guy in the blue?"

"The guy in the red.  He's the groom.  He's getting married today!'

"Mom, what does the guy in the blue do?"

"He's the red guy's brother, so he's a prince, and I think he does something with tanks in the military, but I'm not sure."

"Mom, what does the red guy do?"

"He is  a prince too, AND he flies helicopters in the military."


"Yes. Helicopters."

"Oh. Well then I'm on the red team.  Helicopters are cooler than tanks and I'm the red guy's biggest fan."

I love it.  My little guy turned the most romantic thing the world has seen in a long time into a macho competition between tanks and helicopters.  

Must be a guy thing. 

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