Saturday, June 25, 2011

Firsts....& Lasts

Whew!  Busy few weeks here on the Square.  Hope you all are enjoying your summer.  Ours is hot.  And humid.  Lovely.

I had the chance to do something last week that I've never done before--I went on a road trip by myself.

Actually, the Boy came with, but I don't count the 5 year old watching videos in the back as a whole person yet, so the "by myself" phrase still totally applies.

With my girls at camp for 2 weeks and the Husband on a business trip, I called my BFF and told her we were coming.

10 hours and 4 states later, we arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas!  Can I get an AMEN for satellite radio? Love it.  Truly.

Did you know that to get from Georgia to Arkansas, you drive through 4 states?  I didn't realize that.  Thank goodness for my car's navigation system.  That lady in there and I became quite close on this trip.

My BFF has 2 boys of her own and this was their first time to see the Boy since he was a baby.  They loved that he could play real games with them.  Evidently they had my Boy frozen in time as a 1 year old.
This is the one picture I snagged of them together.  My godson is peeking on the left side.

A first for my son, he got to play "boy games" with the guys for 2 days straight.  Running, yelling, Wii (the Boy's personal favorite), Star Wars.  It was so great for him to be around all that guy stuff with not a Barbie in sight.

The Force was with us, though it was the dark side of The Force most days....

A little tidbit about Little Rock--by the river is a park that has these huge boulders the kids can climb on, slide through and generally just play on.  It was the neatest place.  Plus, being next to the river made the scenery extra special.  The day we went it was about 110 (not really, but it felt that hot!) and after the kids were good and sweaty we headed to a fountain the kids could jump around in.

I got this shot with my Hipstamatic app on my phone.  See all the water shooting up?  It shoots up for a minute or two, then turns off.  To get it going again the kids have to push a huge button on another boulder.  I love this idea--no swimming pool fear of kids falling in, yet the kids were having a super fun time getting wet and cooled off.  And the area the sprinklers were going off was textured so the kids wouldn't slip.  I'm sure that detail was thought of by a woman (who was probably also a mom).

My trip went by way too fast.  Isn't that the way it goes when you are having fun?

Heading home I had to cross the Mississippi River---something I had never done in a car before.

I know, I know---a picture of a bridge with rain clouds in the distance---but I couldn't get a good shot of the river at all (darn railings on the bridge!) and I was driving and trying to take a picture at the same time.  I'm sure that is against the law.  Please don't tell....

The river is huge.  I'm sure at other points along the way it is wider, but boy, this was a long bridge and the river looked seriously wide at this point just outside of Memphis.  It was really cool to see.

I tried to tell the Boy about the Mississippi and how important it is, but he just nodded his head and went back to sleep.  See why I didn't count him as an "entire" traveling companion?

Now for a "last".....

A dear dear friend is moving in just about a week and a half.  With her job and packing and the schedules we both have in the summer with our families, it seems like the only time we'll be able to get together is to see each other instead of sleeping.

She is one of those people I grew close to almost immediately, so to have her move away is sad for me.

Kim is on the left.  She always takes the BEST pictures!  This was at a Luke Bryan/Jason Aldean concert in the fall.  We had a blast and I'm hoping that her move will not prevent us from repeating that weekend next fall.

Hug your friends and have a great weekend, y'all!

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