Monday, June 13, 2011

Indulge Me

I realize the Royal Wedding is old news, but I must revisit it for just one reason...

Pippa Middleton.  Who could forget seeing her walk down the red carpet to help her sister out of the car?  Who didn't think "I wonder if she has Spanx on under that dress?"

Maybe I was the only one who thought that.  I was thinking it from a place of sheer jealousy and awe.  The dress was flawless on her and immediately I found myself on Team Pippa.

Not that I don't like her sister, Kate, but seriously.  Would you like to forever and ever be known as "Kate's sister"?  I wonder if she is at all jealous?  Because in any normal world this would ratchet up the sibling rivalry to a warp factor 10!

But back to Pippa...

I think I am kind of loving her right now because I feel like I could raid her closet and wear anything I found.

Wait, I could raid her closet and long for the clothes because I know I couldn't fit even my big toe through the legs of her jeans!  But that is another post altogether.

She wears clothes in such a way as to seem effortless and I love that about her!

This dress is from a store called Zara.  Sounds exotic, but actually it is a European store with cute clothes at really great prices!  How great that the sister-in-law to a future king wears clothes from a store pretty much all of us can afford?

Oh my.  Tone on tone.  I've only recently become enamored of this look and she, again, looks effortlessly chic.  Like she jumped out of bed and just "happened" to put this on.  Do you think she has a stylist?  Because if she does, I can blame my lack of fashion expertise on the lack of a stylist and not my laziness.

By far, my favorite dress (besides the bridesmaid dress!) I've seen Pippa in.  I love love love wrap dresses.  They hide a multitude of sins, make it easy to wear Spanx underneath and give everyone a "figure"!  I added the Spanx comment for those of us in the *real* goal is to not need spanx.  Yeah.  I know.  Good luck with that, right? :)

A maxi dress.  Usually not my favorite if I was choosing for myself, but on her it looks glamorous and flowy.  On me they look like a maternity dress.  No woman who has had children wants to look pregnant when they aren't.  Love the print, love the fabric, love her carefree attitude.

Out of all her outfits, this is the one I could actually see myself copying.  Her expression says "I don't like being photographed at this particular moment" or "I'm going to do the smile thing with my mouth but I just can't get the rest of my face involved at the moment".  Either way, this is something I could pull together and then actually leave my house.  I know, I know...white pants, white shirt, colored blazer and a belt.  Just call me Rachel Zoe! But baby steps, right?  Right now my workout pants and holey t-shirts are the uniform of choice.
Who knows what my husband and kids would say if one day I actually got up, took a shower, and got dressed?

I don't think they could handle it.

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