Friday, June 10, 2011


My state has chosen to skip June temperatures altogether and move straight to late July - early August sizzling temperatures.  My grass is brown and crunchy, my poor potted plants by the front door are practically shriveling up before my eyes and the pool we frequent is, in a word, packed.

What does a family do to beat this unbearable heat?  

You buy a water slide, of course.

Keep in mind that I live in a subdivision with a Homeowners Association that fired off letters to us about the placement of our GARBAGE CAN.  I don't know what they will think about the 18 foot tall inflatable water slide that is about to be perched in my front yard. 

The kiddos saw the box at about 7pm one evening and that meant it HAD to be put up right then so it would be ready for use the next morning. 

Thank goodness my guy was around to figure out how to thread the water tubes all around the slide.  This picture doesn't show the 110% humidity my husband was experiencing.  I was tucked inside my air conditioned house the whole time. 

 The Oldest got in on the action and helped Dad get the hoses secured.
Kids are so helpful when they want to get something done.

After about 15 minutes (which would have been an hour and fifteen minutes had I been putting this thing up) and it was up and inflated.  No water, but the kids didn't care and were so excited to be on it before bedtime.

Cue the redneck music.  Grab a wife-beater t-shirt and a Pabst Blue Ribbon and you've got yourself a redneck water park!  

In my time away from the new found HOA violation (also known as my 18 foot waters slide!),  I've found some great sites with summer activities that I wanted to share.  Click around on these and maybe they will help alleviate some of the summer boredom that always finds the kids.


  1. Can I come over and play??? Is your backyard not big enough to hold the slide? Have fun!

  2. Veronica- my backyard is just woods. It wasn't cleared when the house was built (we bought it after it was already built) plus our back yard is really steep, so a no go for the slide either way. :(
    On the plus side (and showing my snarky side) I think this will stick in the craw of the HOA lady who does the drive-bys every 10 days looking for infractions!
    And yes, come on over. I've always got an extra lawn chair and lots of popsicles!