Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ABC's of Thanks

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

I decided to try my first linky party with rachel @ finding joy.  Link up and come up with your own thankful list.

A Alone time- it means my kids are busy at school or somewhere else and I do "my" thing!

B Boys- from my husband to my son. They solve problems differently and love their moms  differently.

C Candy. Chocolate. Need I say more? And Coca Cola. 

D Dogs. We miss ours and love our neighbors' dogs. Maybe we'll have another soon.

E Early mornings...workouts, sunrises, just sitting...

F Friends and family.  As I get older, both become more important. 

G  God and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in all their glorious forms. 

H Help---whether my parents help with my kids, our neighbor who babysits or our vet who loved our dog like we did

I  Invitations to do things with friends

J Jet planes that bring far-away-friends to visit

K Kids. All 3 of them. And their friends who crack me up.

L  Life with all its moments good and bad. And Landmark Christian school.

M  Memories and Mallomars. Those are the. best. cookies. ever. 

N  Nutella and New shoes. 

O  Opportunities that we have to do good for someone else.

P   Pretzels dipped in chocolate and pets.  I love both.

Q  Quiznos sandwiches. Yum.  And quiet time. 

R  Read-Aloud books that all my kids enjoy- Anything SkippyJon Jones  will do.

S  Sleep and singing.  Not necessarily at the same time.

T  Time. It's precious and is moving way too fast.

U  Underwear? Umbrella? Unicorns? This was a hard letter. Upside-down cake? I am thankful for all of those.

V  Visiting friends, whether once a week or once a year. 

W  Winter. I love winter clothes, sweaters, boots, etc, etc.

X  "x-treme" sports on TV.  Some of the best in mindless entertainment!

Y  Yesterdays.  I'm thankful I have a huge number of yesterdays to look back upon and remember fun times!  And Yogurt. I love yogurt.

Z  Zip drives/files.  I  appreciate the fact that my friends can zip up a ton of pictures in a zip file and send it to me. Technology is awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving friends!


  1. Yesterdays, Time, Opportunities.....great list! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Lovely Thanksgiving list of thanks. I laughed when i read your U -- that letter was a bit challenging! And bravo for the very unique letter Z -- I am impressed!

    Thanks for linking up. I'm grateful.

    I hope your Thanksgiving Day was wonderful.