Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Aftermath

Oh man. Have you recovered yet? What did you do with ALL THAT CANDY? It was an epic weekend here on the homestead with lots of stuff and costume changes.

It started out normally.  Gratuitous picture on the front porch.  So far, so good.

On to a party at a friend's house. This was a MAJOR party. This is only one little part of the party. There was bobbing for apples, mini-cart races, jumpy house, pony rides, cake walk, pin-the-tail on the cat, story time and the food. Oh the food.

Here is ONE TABLE of food. Mummy hot dogs, some kind of crazy good apple dip (I must get the recipe. You know who you are!), a super duper cute cake and various other treats.  I'm not showing the table with Krispy Kreme doughnuts (a weakness of mine) and cupcakes.  It was crazy...but in a good way.  
But really, kids aren't affected by sugar.  Nooooo...an old wives' tale, I say.  

We got home and the sugar high caused Darth Vadar to have an identity crisis. He's getting in touch with his feminine side. He feels pretty..... but what about Princess Leia? What has happened to her?

Yes. Lost the wig to ol' Darth and now, with the addition of wings from mom's closet and some pipe cleaner antenna, she's some sort of butterfly/angel.  (Actually, she was going for angel, but mom couldn't get a halo to stay up on top of her head in the 15 minutes we had during our costume change.  I know...way to go mom.)

We're done. No pictures of actual trick-or-treating.  Sorry. Again, mom was a slacker.  We rode around in our golf cart, sipping warm drinks and encouraging the kids to "run to the next house!".  

I don't know if you're like me, but I'm secretly hoping the kiddos will forget about all this candy.  You know, put it away, don't say anything about it and one day you'll be looking through the cabinet for some obscure piece of kitchen ware and BAM! there is the Halloween candy from last year.  Forgotten.  

Now that Halloween is done, the stores are ready for Christmas. What?!?
Let's agree we'll all slow down and enjoy November for a while, okay?

So until next time, Happy November!

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  1. Totally on overload of too much chocolate....shocking, since I love chocolate. And, yes I totally want to enjoy November by relaxing...do you think it's possible for a mom/wife to do this? Good luck!