Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The List

I've had a few evenings of girl-only activities as of late.  Very strange for me since my husband works late and usually isn't home in time for me to join the fun.

But last week the stars aligned, the moon was right and I was able to go to not one but THREE girls-only events!  My husband has earned major husband points for this.

AND to top it off I'm headed to a whole other state for the weekend to visit my very best friend from high school.  I really really really can't wait for that.

Now if you're like me, you want to leave your house looking its best so that when you return it is welcoming you with its clean counter tops, vacuumed floors and sparkling bathrooms.  Ahhh....makes me happy just thinking about it.  So since I had so many evenings "off" from mom-duty, I'm a bit behind in my chores that lead up to my weekend away.

Plus this week happens to be pretty jammed full of stuff all by itself...so I've made a list of what I need to do each day of the week to reach my goal of CLEAN HOUSE BEFORE I LEAVE!

Enter UPS.

Evidently some supremely fabulous shoes I ordered are on their way to my doorstep.

AND evidently I have to be here to sign for them.

I found this out from an automated phone call yesterday (that, by the way, asked me to pick "1" for English.  That bugs me.) that also told me the time frame I could expect my package.  Are you ready?

I should expect my package to arrive between...wait for it......

8 am and 7 pm!  That's right. All Day Long.  That's worse than the cable guy and they're pretty bad.

Apparently UPS doesn't know about my LIST and the tight schedule I'm on.

Some of the things on The List are errands that need to be run.  Things that can't be done IN MY HOUSE.

So I'm shuffling and moving the items on my List, which, those who really know me, is a feat in and of itself, so that I can successfully have a clean house by Friday.   But the shoes are worth it.  I'll show you the shoes when they get here.

Pray for me.

And pray that my house is still clean when I get home on Sunday.



  1. Sign for your shoes? I couldn't imagine that they expect someone to wait around all day for the UPS driver. Well, at least there will be no excuses for not getting the house cleaned..right? And, I too must leave the house clean before leaving....but unless your family is going away too you may not come home to it the way you left it. Have a fun getaway! Sounds fun!