Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blog Stalker

That title sounds a bit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, don't you think?  A good friend coined the phrase when I kept texting her links to blogs during her workday.  I wasn't helping her be productive and for that I'm sorry.  And for all my texting, she coined the term "blog stalker" to describe my new found hobby.  I don't think her snarky term was warranted...she eventually got her work done.

It's a curse, really.  I'll go to a blog.  If I like the home page, I'll read the posting.  Then I get to the bottom of the post and I'll see two magic words:  previous posts.

If you've ever seen a blog, you've seen those words.   And if you're new to a blog site, you've most certainly clicked on those words.  Ahh...the allure of seeing what someone else has written or done in the past.  I love it. There are so many talented, creative, crafty people out there.

Here's where my life comes full circle.  I was BROWSING blogs (that sounds so much kinder...gentler, even than stalker, right?) and came upon one that had a lake house kitchen re-do.  It was really great. Very appropriate for a lake house and the blogger had listed a lot of her resources.  That is a definite plus.  So I looked at the blog for a bit, then moved on as I'm apt to do.

Fast forward to today and I just realized that one of the blogs on my computer homepage is that same blog!  So either I'm totally an idiot, or that blog is just good.  I'm going for the latter.

The name of the blog is life in grace.  It's written by a girl named Edie.  She writes about her life, her decorating/renovating and showcases some crafty stuff that even I, the non-crafty one can do.

It's a great read.

 Now all you  closet blog-stalkers like me, come on out and visit Edie's blog.  It's completely worth it.

**She doesn't know me from a hole in the wall.  I just wanted to share her blog with you.**

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