Wednesday, November 3, 2010


If you were to believe the marketing strategists, you'd think we were all rushing along headstrong into the Christmas season.  It's November 3rd for heaven's sake!  I'm thrilled I've gotten all of my Halloween decorations down (all ONE of them...the ghost on the door) and gotten my little pilgrim people on the front stoop with my oh-so-lovely pumpkin topiaries. Yes- they're still there--still together--still looking quite fall-ish if I do say so myself.  

Nope, you crazy marketing strategists. I'm not going to succumb to your incessant blathering on and on in the stores, online and in the epic number of Christmas catalogues you send me in the mail.  I'm going to enjoy this month with all of its beautiful colors, great football and super yummy food.  Who's with me?


Actually, here is what I'm really doing during these beautiful fall days.....

Using this for my middle daughter's cough.  Hello nebulizer.....

Wondering what to do with my "give away" pile since it is overflowing the sink in my laundry room.  I used to get the little yellow cards notifying me of a pick up in my neighborhood 4 or 5 times a month.  Now that I have stuff  I'm getting NO cards!  Great. Anyone need some pull-ups?

Sorting socks that have NO MATES.  How do I have 3 different colored and different length navy knee socks? 

Wondering what in the world my 4 year old son was thinking when he decided to go Au Natural and leave his undies behind my potty.  

So instead of cleaning up the undies behind the potty (they're still there), searching for the random sock mates and calling for a pick up appointment, I decided to make these.

Cast of characters........

Yummy.  Plus you can eat the batter out of the bowl since there are no eggs in it. That makes it extra special in my book!

So curse you, you marketing executives.  I will not put out my Christmas decorations.  I will not listen to my Christmas music.  I will not start wrapping presents.  

Until next week. 


  1. Enjoyed your's real and refreshing. I have piles of things to get rid of too and it seems that they sit and grow for sometime until I've had enough and I decide it's time to put them in my car to drop off to the Goodwill store (and honestly, they end up sitting in my car for a few weeks before they actually get dropped off). Your cookies look so yummy!

  2. i recognize the nebulizer and own two myself!!!
    I also(unfortunately) recognize the undies behind the toilet AND the mismatched socks!!!
    As for the cookies-where is the recipe???
    I love your blog Stacy~AllisonK

  3. Allison- the cookies are from Tasty Kitchen...the pioneer woman's cooking site. they are the oreo cheesecake cookes. easy, but mine turned out really ugly. haha...then i just had to eat them!

  4. I'll have a few cookies!!! yes, we need pull ups! and if the jeans dont work for Heidi we'll keep tryin'!