Saturday, November 27, 2010

Most of November Memories....

November isn't really done yet, but I'm figuring we've all pretty much moved on to Christmas.  Here are some of my November memories, such that they are....

It seems like I just brought out the Publix Pilgrims. They're chipped with years of wear and tear, but are staples in my home for Thanksgiving.

Preschool Indians. My "little" guy is the tall one in the back with the green feather. He was NOT into the singing.

My sweet  boots I got for the Honkey Tonk last weekend. Love them. Old Gringo Mayra.....and they come broken in. I could wear these for days.

The "before" shot of Thanksgiving with our family friends.  Oh my.

Here is what tided us over till lunch. None of us had eaten breakfast, so by 10am we were starving. 

Cookies painted just for the season. Candy corns, leaves, turkeys. My kids helped paint them.  It has become a tradition to paint these cookies for every season with our friends.

Why is it that after we eat any meal that the ladies end up in the kitchen doing the dishes? That is my mom and aunt with my #2 daughter.  Washing the dishes. And talking.  But mostly washing dishes.  And where was I, you may ask? Well, I had my camera and was trying to capture the elusive "casual" shots.  You'll see very few (or none) of those since every time I got close to anyone they looked at me.  Guess I'll have to invest in a paparazzi-type lens.

Here is the little guy on Black Friday.  He decided on Thanksgiving night to face-plant into the corner of our coffee table with his cheek.  The bruise is more purple now than when I took this, but his cheek is so swollen he looks like he's sucking a gobstopper.

The oldest playing on her formerly confiscated iPhone. We decided that Thanksgiving would be a No Technology day.  You'd think we were weaning her off crack.

My blond-haired daughter simply had to get out of the house.  It is officially winter here- I think it will be around 50 today.  Finally some weather that requires a real winter coat! 

And me? What am I up to?  Here's how I've spent my morning...
making my annual Christmas music cd for my kiddos' teachers.  I got the cutest Christmas-inspired cd's at Office Depot.  Please overlook the messy desk.  I carved out a spot for my stuff and just plowed ahead...

And then I completely copied an idea I saw out in blogland somewhere...this is the cd cover.  I did mine on Print Explosion (the absolute WORST printing program ever).  It took me a good 15 minutes to figure out how to print two images on one piece of paper.  But I stuck with it and you're seeing my first success! Yea me!

Now it is off to clean the closets, get out the decorations and get on with some Christmas shopping that I didn't finish yesterday.  

Turn on the Christmas music, ya'll.   Before we know it we'll be saying Happy New Year!

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