Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 7

On the seventh day, God said to rest.  Isn't that right?

God spent the first 6 days making the Earth, sun, moon, stars, sky, birds, fish, animals, plants,Man and then He took a day to rest.

Today is day 7 of school and I'm  ready for a rest.

Florida beaches in the winter.  There is nothing better.  I'm ready to go rest on a beach right now.  My kids are 12, 9 and 5.  They can take care of themselves for a few days, right?  I'm not a nut...I'm not leaving my children for days on end so I can go to the beach.  Put the phone down.  No need to call DEFACS. :)

When you first have kids, it is fun to think about all the activities your child(ren) will get to participate in.  Dance, sports, musical lessons...there are so many choices for our kids now.  It seems like forever until their chubby little hands can hold a ball, much less catch one.

And then it happens.  They reach the magic age of 4 or 5.  Maybe it is even younger for your kids...but either way, that  birthday comes and goes and you've signed your little darling up for a class/sport/activity.  So starts your love affair with your car seat.  Yes. I said YOUR car seat...because this is where you will be spending countless hours shuttling kids from one thing to another and back.

It is Day 7 of school and I must admit that my after-school calendar is looking a little crowded right now.  Last night I even went so far as to contemplate pulling my kids out of ALL after school stuff just so I wouldn't have to ride in my car all afternoon.  Selfish, I know, but seriously, having to start cooking dinner at 7:30AM so that it will be ready to warm up at 7:30 PM is a bit much. they are running on the beach.  Idyllic.  Carefree.  And all mom had to do was open the door to the rental house and say "Run!".  So simple.

I suppose it can't be avoided with three kids.  Even if each is in one activity, that is three different practices, three different game schedules, three different places they need to be at THE SAME TIME.

Did you see that last one?  I know you moms out there are agreeing with me.  It never fails that when you have multiple children in different activities, you will always have overlapping schedules.

God Bless carpooling!

I'm still a little frazzled...


But I keep reminding myself that I only have my 12 year old for a few more years, that my little guy is now 5 (where did that time go?) and my 9 year old is more ready for adventure than I am.

Here's to enjoying this crazy- wacked- out- oh- my- gosh -I -will -use -up- the -college- fund -in- gas schedule.

And thanking God for the days of rest...even when I don't think I'll see one for a few years!

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  1. I would love to be there in that place too!!!:) Let's go back!!!