Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Run, Forrest, Run

This post will have pictures that have nothing at all to do with the subject.

I'm just sayin'.

Lately I've started running so my wild, crazy, goofy, teen-aged-in-dog-years puppy can exert some of her energy.

I run around the lake in my city.  It's not far.  I think it is just about 3 miles.  But it could be 12 miles and I'd never really know the difference because 3 miles feels like a really really long way to my legs.

The trails that skirt the lake are pretty nice.  They are almost always in the shade.  There are usually plenty of people who are running/walking/biking to look at.

There are golf carts driven by teenagers to dodge.  That keeps me on my toes.

I have dreams that I look like some amazing runner when I run.

This is NOT me.

From Athleta Sportswear
I believe that I actually look like I'm about to have an "episode".

An episode of what, I'm not quite sure.

But the image of me when running is one of a red-faced, middle-aged woman (ugh...did I really just write that?) trying to keep her dog from running into traffic   stopping in mid-stride while simultaneously trying to look like she really can make it around the lake without stopping.

That alone should be off-putting, but today a kink was thrown into my running routine.

A guy, I'll call him Creepy Guy, actually ran up beside me and asked how far the route around the lake was.

This is NOT creepy guy. 
First of all, I had headphones in and didn't hear him coming.  Note to self...teach my spastic dog to bark when Creepy Guy approaches.
Second, I had headphones in.  Isn't this the universal sign for Leave Me Alone?

I was nice, though, took out my ear bud and answered his question.  Then I hightailed it right out there.  I think I finished faster than I'd ever run before.  I didn't see Creepy Guy any more that day.


Poor puppy was practically being drug behind me as I sprinted  walked really fast with a hop back to my car.

I think I need a box of chocolates now.

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