Friday, August 26, 2011

Strawberry Season

Strawberry season is at the beginning of summer here in the South.

I'm partial to eating strawberries when they're in season where I live.

Call me a produce snob, it's just the way it is.

The beginning of the  week my 7th grader tells me she's been asked to bring in strawberries as part of a treat day in one of her classes.  This was Monday.  I write it down on my calendar.  I put it in my iPhone.  I add it to the Family Calendar on the fridge.  You'd think I'd remember.

You'd be wrong.

I forgot all about this until late today.  Make that I forgot and the 7th grader forgot until after dinner and baths and kitchen cleaning and me wanting to sit down and enjoy a little Tony DiNozzo on NCIS. He is so dreamy, don't you think?


Remember I said strawberries are in season at the beginning of summer?  Well, they are not in season any more and my trip to the grocery proved it.  I bought 2 packages of abnormally large strawberries (they really shouldn't be the size of a golf ball, right?).  Most of the strawberries were gross and mushy and generally yucky.  I ended up having to cut them up so as to preserve the good parts of the fruit.

Arrrggggg....I was a little perturbed right about now.

Once I cut them I had to figure a way for the kids to serve themselves.

Lucky for me I had some grapes and leftover pixie stick-like toothpicks.

Note to self.  Don't drop pixie stick-like toothpicks on the counter.  They are slippery little suckers.

This silly "hey, could you bring in some strawberries for our class buffet on Friday?" ended up taking me almost an hour.

And all I ended up with was half a bag of strawberry pieces and grapes.

I hope this isn't a foreshadowing of my weekend.

Happy Friday, Ya'll!

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