Thursday, August 11, 2011

What IS that?

I live in a Desperate Housewives-type neighborhood.

No, we're not out stealing husbands or peeking in windows, but any new visitor to my house always makes the same comment...that I live on Wisteria Lane in real life.

We've been in our house for 8 years now and a huge selling point when we were house hunting was the square that is steps from our front door.

It is about the size of a football field.

If you should choose to run around the square, say, four times, you'd have run a mile.

That's pretty handy information to have if you like to run and sweat.  I like to walk and relax.

Recently the trees around the square have been trimmed up (in hopes the grass will start to grow again!) and you'll never guess what showed up soon after the tree trimmers left....

What IS that thing?

What we DO know is that it is seriously scary looking and even scarier sounding.

They swarm around the freshly cut parts of the trees and if you get anywhere near them they fly around you.

Well, I went out there with my zoom lens  to snap the above pictures so my husband could try to google these crazy creatures.

They are called Eastern Cicada Killers.

Seriously.  I don't make this stuff up.

Luckily it seems they don't go out trying to sting anyone, but they are some wicked looking guys.

Now aren't you glad you popped by for a light read?  You come away with new information.  I'm helpful like that.

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