Friday, October 29, 2010

I Wish....

1. That sometimes my laundry would get folded AND put away on the same day.

2. That my satellite wouldn't go out in the middle of a favorite tv show when the little black rain cloud decides to block the sun for a moment.

3. That my dog wouldn't have gas....or sleep on my side of the bedroom.

4.  That I didn't have such a hard time staying up till 10pm. What kind of loser am I??

5.  That P90X worked after one workout.

6.  That we lived close enough to ride our bikes to our school.

7.  That my best friends lived in my neighborhood.  At least I think I wish that. Maybe if they lived closer we'd get sick of each other. Let's * this one since now I think it is similar to the wish I had when I was little that my friends and I lived in the school.  We each decided what rooms we would live in and how we'd all eat together in the cafeteria and how cool it would be to have the library all to ourselves....what kind of whacked-out wish is that?

8.  That I would remember to write down the crazy stuff my kids say because one day I could pull that stuff out later and really embarrass them in front of boyfriends/girlfriends.

9.  That my car lift gate worked when I wanted it to and not just when my husband looks at it. Evidently my bad juju extends to cars now.

10.  That my dentist office had tv's in the ceiling.

Happy Weekend, Ya'll!

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