Wednesday, December 8, 2010

*The* Christmas Card

Each year I worry, stress, fret, (insert your word here) about getting the elusive Christmas card picture(s), ordering the cards and then actually sending them out.
For me that starts the Christmas season more than Black Friday.
This year I was determined to be organized and get them out early.  But darn it, that picture. We just didn't have one I liked.
We were this close to photoshopping faces. Not a bad idea, but not the card I wanted to send.

How about their backs? We had LOTS of those pictures. Plus, we wouldn't be worried with the "picture smile" faces or the looks of love shot with daggers from one sibling to another.

Looks like the little guy is getting his clock cleaned here. I'm sure the others are laughing....NOT the warmest Christmas wishes....

Enter my husband.... business owner, race car driver, kid wrangler and photo-taking guy extraordinaire.

His photography strategy is this- take as many pictures as you can in the shortest period of time possible.

No one wants a historical marker in their Christmas photo. Plus the marker is prominent in the picture. It's screaming Merry Christmas, don't you think?

Take Two.

Got it. Awwww yeah. Casual, everyone looking generally happy, no "picture smiles".  They actually look like they don't mind being related.  Bliss.

And it only took 8000 shots and climbing a mountain. 

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  1. LOL! I'm always trying to capture that perfect picture and often times it just doesn't happen. It's usually happens when I least expect it! It doesn't help when we compare ours to so many out in blogland! I think you've captured a "PeRfEct Picture". The smiles are priceless!