Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Need Professional Help

I'm not room mom for any of my children's classes.
I used to be room mom because  I wanted to be sure the teachers my children had knew they were appreciated.  And I'm a control freak.  And I wanted their parties to be cute.  I love a cute party.
But no more.
 There should be a warning label on the sign up page by the "Room Mom" line that states that you'll spend lots of time harassing parents by email in order to get them to pay attention to the last 3 emails you sent regarding the class party for whatever holiday is upcoming.
Yes, it was a difficult year last year that was made easier because the room mom in the other class was completely on the ball and dragged me through all the stuff room moms are supposed to do nowadays.  She rocked. Still does.  But I was still done with being in charge of anything.
Until this year.
I was "volunteered" to come up with two crafts for my daughter's "Art of the Season" party.  Two Christmas crafts.
Uh-oh.  My husband said I should "Just Say No".  But I love a good craft.  Plus, I wanted it to be something that the parents and kids would like to do.  AND it had to be cute. Cute is important in my crafting world.

Here are the results. Can I say MAJOR effort for pretty simple crafts? You'd think after 5 years of teaching elementary school, 3 years in preschool and the extra years in staff development and Master's classes that I'd look for a route of least resistance. You'd think.... but no.

28 children x 20 1 inch strips of fabric = a heck of a lot of fabric strips. My table looked like a fabric store threw up on it. God bless the inventor of the rotary scissor.  It's not just a good thing, it's a  great thing.

Our Santa picture. 28 canvases with traced patterns,  paintbrushes, paint and smocks. Genius here forgot cups for the paint, so we "borrowed" some coffee filters from the kitchen.  This is just one example, minus the cute pom pom on his hat. I had to come back to put the details on this one--but it really is worth the extra time. They are super cute and I know the kids loved it--some were going to give it to their parents for Christmas.  So sweet.
Plus the kids were maybe I don't need professional help after all.

I still don't want to be room mom, though.

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  1. I remember the Santa Canvases we did for preschool. Sooo cute!!!
    Great job Mom!!