Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friends or Just Neighbors?

A new blog I found called Little Miss Momma has a linky party going on. It's a list linky party- all the stuff you think people should know about you if you're going to become BFFs. 
I wanted to play along, so here is my list. 
I hope we'll still be friends at the end.

I believe in God, Southern hospitality, good manners, standing for the Pledge and the National Anthem and for the Hallelujah Chorus.

I cry at sappy commercials, good chick-flicks, seeing my kids' performances, most anything patriotic and especially seeing pictures of our troops returning home.

I hate messes. For me a clean house means a happy mom. My children do not share this sentiment.

I have 3 kids. I never thought I'd have 3, but "surprise" #3 came along and he's fitting right in!

I do not like people who talk  loud on their cell phones. I really don't want to know your personal drama. I've got enough drama of my own.

I love to cook and bake, but I'm the worst hostess. 

I have one best friend- I've had her for almost 25 years. So when I meet someone and we become BFFs, it lasts.
My bff and me in Philly

Grocery shopping is my least favorite thing to do.

I'm never happy with my hair. I'm always changing the cut/color. You'll notice that if I post pictures of me. My hair is always different.

I've lived in the same place pretty much my whole life. I'd love to move away to Colorado.
(but that is not happening any time soon.)

I love to read. Especially historical biographies. (I'm a nerd.)

I really like Bon Jovi. And most other late '80's early '90's rock.
Taken from 4th row of the concert with my BFF...so great. Love me some Bon Jovi!

When I was younger, I wanted to be president of a cosmetics company. I ended up becoming an elementary school teacher. 

I asked my husband out on our first date.

I love love love cold weather. I like warm weather, but not the clothes. 

I LOVE DISNEY WORLD! My honeymoon was spent there and we go back often with our kiddos.

If I could have a turtleneck swimsuit, I'd have one. 

I'm not crafty. At all. But I love to blog surf and try new stuff out.

Laundry is my 2nd least favorite thing to do because it's never done.

I think written Thank You notes are highly underrated.  Everyone should write them and mail them. Emails do not count.

I've done a marathon. I've also done ride/run races. I'd love to do a triathlon, but I'm terrified of swimming in water I can't see through.
At the end of the ride/run with my partner, Mags. It was dirty.

Ok. That's enough about me. Tell me about you- or link up to Little Miss Momma and share!


  1. You r definitely friendship material. Glad I was able to read the "list" to finalize this sentiment. :) Amen to all of the above (well, minus the running on purpose stuff, moving to Colorado, changing the hair, Bon Jovi, warm weather clothes, and historical biographies). Other than those things, you are my kind of girl. HeeHee

  2. you took the words right out of my mouth with a lot of these.. 'specially "I believe in God, Southern hospitality, good manners, standing for the Pledge and the National Anthem and for the Hallelujah Chorus." i'm not sure what part of the south you're from (just seen southern belle in the header) but you are welcome to move to utah (close enough to colorado) and i will move back south! haaha. :]


    Thanks for linking up at Little Miss Momma! I did too!


  4. I have lived in only 3 homes my whole life (I'm 28, I guess maybe that's not crazy), and all of them are within 5 minutes of each other...I'm from the south too! SC, what about you? Thanks for sharing your list :)

  5. Nice list! I cry at all those kinds of things, too. Our oldest son will graduate high school in the spring and I know I'll be a blubbering mess at the ceremony.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. I can relate to many things on your list Stacy, talking loud on a cell phone is super annoying! I'm never happy with my hair and Colorado is a beautiful place to live (lived there for 7 years when I was a kid). And, I too think Thank you cards are important! Happy getting to know you!

  7. i'm never happy with my hair either! mans, my list just keeps getting' longer and longer. i love the bon jovi too. he's coming here in march! if you ever visit utah (i don't know why anyone would, but you never know) let's do lunch!