Saturday, April 16, 2011

Craft Hope

Let me introduce you to Craft Hope.  This site was introduced to me by Cheryl from A Pretty Cool Life.  She was participating in a project that would help women in Haiti.

This is a site created by a mom who loves crafting and wanted to find a way to offer tangible help to those who need it in the form of handmade items.

They post projects on their site (or on should "like" them on FB!) and they simply ask that you post a comment to let them gage how many people will be participating in each project.  

I, your humble Southern Belle, is not a crafty sort of southerner.  I'm not a sewer, so mostly I was looking at this site and wanting to learn to sew.  Actually, one would need a sewing machine to sew, but that is another story.....

Their latest project is making bracelets!  Yea!  Something I can do with my girls and their friends.

Photo from Craft Hope

Craft Hope is partnering with Orphan Outreach to send some homemade love to children who may not have much happiness in their lives.

The bracelets can be beaded, sewn, or woven.  I feel certain my girls (and maybe the little guy) will get excited about beaded bracelets!

Jump on over to Craft Hope and join me in this project!

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