Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I don't know about you, but whenever I find a blog I like, I always go to their "Favorites" list and check out who they like.  I've not been disappointed.  In fact, that is how I have found most of the blogs I read on a regular basis.

I hope if you've visited my site you have taken some time to click on the blog links I've listed.  Admittedly,  most are geared toward moms/raising kids/crafty stuff, but each has its own way sharing that I just love.

In my recent blog stalkings, I've found two new links I wanted to share with you!  And, if you're so inclined, click on their lists of favorite blogs and see what else is out in blogland!

The first is Brown Paper Packages.  Written by a mom of 5 (!), this lady is supremely creative on a very realistic level.  Translation: Even I, your humble and oh-so-not creative Southern Belle can even complete some of her craft ideas.

How cute are these buckets?  Really, they are only cute buckets and some vinyl letters.  So simple and so cute and you can bet that you'll be seeing these in my son's preschool class for Easter.

Look at simple, so necessary and did I say simple?  I can't believe I haven't thought of this myself.  I need pictures to help me visualize the finished product and Kierste, the blogger who created Brown Paper Packages, is a pro at the photo tutorial.

Excuse my iPhone screen shot...I'm still a newbie to linking and such...but I love this dress.  It is from the other site I wanted to share with you.

Welcome to Shabby Apple.

This is a clothing site for women and kids and my favorite part?

You can look at clothes by your body type.

You answer a few questions about your body, the site spits out your body type and also provides dresses that are made for that body type.  Fabulous.  The only way it could be better is if you could pick your preferred body type and bam! your body turned into that desired image.  Sadly, this isn't the case, so until then, this site does the next best thing!

These are just two of the new sites I've found.  What are some sites you like to visit?

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