Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey! I know you're idea of a good time is to sit and look at my vacation pictures!  (I can see you shaking your head in agreement...or is that you looking for the fastest way to move off this site?)
I won't bore you with the gory details, but we did go to Washington, DC for Spring Break and it was, in a word, fabulous.

I am going to share a few pictures with you, just because I can and because it was a truly fun trip.

I picked the most random of our pictures.  The first picture of the car--my husband is 6'9".  I'm 5'9" and our oldest daughter is 5'5".  We were packed in that little car like sardines. Honestly, we were sitting in the front seats with our knees actually touching the dashboard.  We should have joined Cirque du Soliel given the amount of contorting our our legs had to go through just to get in the car.  The 2nd to last picture...I have no idea what they are talking about.  The last picture is at Mt. Vernon in front of a tree planted by George Washington.  Like the disembodied head in the corner?  He avoided the camera at all costs this trip EXCEPT when my husband and I wanted a picture.  Nice one.

I also wanted to share my "To Do" list from our trip.  It's just my thoughts and they may inspire you as you prepare for a trip to our nation's capitol.  They are in no particular order....

1.  Bring cough and cold medicine with you because the temperature at this time of year fluctuates between shorts and t-shirt weather and snow.  Really.

2.  If you can, book the tickets to the top of the Washington Monument.  This requires advanced planning and I'm not good at that.  Our concierge at the hotel got us tickets...so if you are a last minute planner, ask the concierge at your hotel.  Most will have access to tickets.

3.  GO TO MOUNT VERNON.  GO GO GO.  And if you can, pay the extra money for a "Behind the Scenes" tour.  Again, the concierge rocked on this one and scheduled our tour.  It  was by far what we have talked most about since getting home. And, if you didn't know,  George Washington was awesome.

4.  If your kids are 2nd grade or older,  go to the Spy Museum.  The tickets are pricey, but the museum is pretty neat.  My husband would have stayed there a lot longer if the kiddos would have stopped to read the words under the displays.  Any younger and they would probably be bored except for the one part that involved climbing through a ventelation shaft.

5.  Monticello is a DAY TRIP.  My sister warned me about this and we thought she was crazy.  2.5 hours to Monticello and 4 hours back.  Traffic stinks at all times in DC.  Still, it was a great tour and I think it is important to learn about our founders.

6.  Make time to take the city bus to Dulles airport for the Air and Space Museum annex.

7.  If your kids are a bit older, do the Segway Tour.  We saw them all over and really really really wanted to figure a way to attach a wagon or something to one of them so we could take the little guy, but it was a no-go.  Maybe next time...

This list is by no means complete, just some thoughts after looking back over our vacation pictures.

AND let me send a shout-out for our hotel--Hotel Washington!  It was completely fabulous and located about a block from the White House.  Plus, the concierge, Greg, was spot on and helped us with our trip so much.

Now, if I can manage to get the pictures off the computer and into some sort of album before the kids graduate from high school, I'll be doing really good!

Happy Tuesday!

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