Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Laundry. Sort of.

Today was the day I was going to tackle my mountain of laundry.  I've gotten behind and am about to lose the battle with dirty towels.  I was ready.  I had psyched myself up to conquer the mountain.  I was armed with stain remover, detergent and dryer sheets.  I was ready.

Until I saw that I hadn't decorated the buckets I'd purchased for the little guy's preschool class Easter party.
"No", I say to myself, "You can't do the buckets now.  You have to fold these clothes you took out of the dryer and left in a heap on the floor and you need to get a load of clothes in the washer. Then you can look at the buckets. "  (I talk to myself in my head a lot.  Doesn't everybody?)

An hour later and the pile of clean clothes is still a pile.  There is a load in the washer, but it has finished washing and really needs to get into the dryer so I can get this laundry-assembly-line thing going.

But it's not.  That load is sitting in the washer.  Still.  While I play with my Silhouette SD and some sticky vinyl trying to make the plain silver buckets for preschoolers cute.

Note: Printing words on vinyl is fun and easy.  Getting them to sit straight on the curved surface of a bucket is hard.  Not "world peace" hard, but hard.  And if the letters for the word aren't straight, it looks messy and who wants a messy bucket? Not me, let me tell you.

So here is what we ended up with....

Introducing my hutch of ghost peep rabbits.....

The plan was actually to put the word "bucket" on the buckets.  I thought that would be clever.  But yours truly is not physically capable of getting those darn letters straight on the buckets.

Just so we're clear, I'm officially in awe of those who can do the straight-line-on-a-curved-surface vinyl letter thing. (I know I know! I'm so easily in awe of people!)

 I started over with a completely preschool design.  I admit, they look pretty silly, but I do have white bunny ears to go in each bucket, so I keep telling myself that the white ears match the white ghost peep bunny.  ( I know, I know...just keep telling myself that and maybe one day it will be true.)

Just to review, this is what a truly creative and talented person can do with the Silhouette SD....

Notice how straight the names are.  Fantastic.  Way to go, you vinyl expert!

Now here's a reminder of the preschool version...

Hmmm....not so much Pottery Barn as Sesame Street.  Oh well.  They're done and they're all the same, which you know is the most important thing in preschool.

The washer has stopped running.

Maybe I'll get the laundry done before I fix the treats in the buckets....


Fixing buckets is way more fun than laundry.

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  1. I don't own an SD thingamajig....but I love your buckets and applaud you:)