Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'm trying to catch up with laundry, cleaning and such today but things are keeping me from getting my To Do list done.  Words With Friends.  It's scrabble for the iPhone and my friends have gotten me hooked. It's like a class 4 narcotic.

Hello. My name is Stacy and I'm a Words With Friends addict.

I have 2 games going on right now- both with girls who claim they are my friends.  I say "claimed" because in my little world no friend would intentionally make another feel like a complete verbal loser.

 I even resigned a game with my husband after I GAVE him a word suggestion that ended up being worth about a million points.  I'm a giver.

Back to my other two games....both of these friends have obviously played before.  Or they cheat. Or a little of both.  I can see them now, getting ready to email or FB me that they most certainly are NOT cheaters and that the words they are using...words like "QI" and "GLUG" or "FOH" are completely real words that they have heard and used before.   I'd like to see  them  use these crazy words in a sentence multiple times a day, wouldn't you?

Just for the record, I looked up the word QI and it means "energy flow, breath".  So when I run fast, I'm out of qi?  Um...ok.

My words are things that the normal person would recognize as part of the English language..."Like", "Every", etc etc.  No need for me to use them in a sentence since they are REAL WORDS.

I suppose the  reason I'm addicted to this particular game is my competitive nature. I like to win and this game is doing a great job of making me feel completely inferior to my 2nd grader.  I don't like feeling inferior...I'm getting spanked by more than 100 points in these games. I'm pitiful.  I just need to delete it from my phone. But I can't. I want to win once. Then I'll delete it. (See?? I'm addicted.)

So to my dear friends out there who have hooked me on this game...thank you.  And BONUS!  Because I'm playing multiple games at once, I can feel like double the loser at one sitting.

I'm feeling your love.

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