Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My parents always encouraged us to write Thank You notes when we received gifts.  Growing up it seemed like such a chore....I didn't see the inherent value of writing a note saying "thanks" when I had most likely said those exact words to the person when I had opened said gift.  In my little mind it was, in a word, redundant.

Fast forward....now that I'm a parent, I want and expect my children to write these notes.  I listen as they moan and groan and belabor the same points I did when I was growing up.  I also do just as my mother did and impose my stern visage upon them in order to get the job done.

That handwriting had better be neat!

Seriously, can you please start that sentence with something resembling a capital letter?

How about trying some punctuation in there...let's not have one gigantic run-on sentence, ok? I mean, I do pay a lot for you to go to that school of yours.

The Oldest is in 6th grade. Around here that is when you can do Cotillion. This is our town's version of Finishing School. To me, it sounds simply wonderful!  The girls wear dresses and GLOVES! The boys are in jackets and ties. Manners are taught. Basic dance steps are taught. Manners and behavior are practiced.  There is homework (introducing yourself to an adult properly, phone etiquette, sitting properly).  And the teacher---she is right out of a Southern novel.  Proper, sweet,  soft spoken.  Not quite Mom....which is why I'm "Some Sort of Southern Belle" and not simply a Southern Belle.

This class requires the students to learn how to write a proper Thank You note.  Because of this, each child needs to have their own stationary. This has sent me on a quest to find something perfect for The Oldest.   I wanted to share some sites I've found in my search.

These make me want to write more snail mail...

From Sweet Bella Cards. The pinwheels make me think of summer. And of being young...wait- I am young! It makes me think of being young and not having laundry to do.

Oh Louise designs is another I've found. Look at this:

I'm having major owl moments right now. This may be the one I order for The Oldest. If she likes it...
Or I'll just order it for me!

The last site I have fallen in l-o-v-e with is saratams
Maybe it is my former life as an elementary school teacher. Maybe it is my love for things vintage- well, not vintage, maybe I'll call it "things traditional", but these cards are going to end up in my possession soon!!

I mean, shut the front door! She has lots of silhouettes to choose from, background colors, different folded cards- the sky's the limit!

So let's all make a promise to each other. Let's try to write more notes- and not just the Thank You kind.

Pull out that pen with the feather on top. You know you have one. We ALL have one.  Think of a friend and start writing.

If we're writing on something this cute, how can it not be fun?

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  1. Hey, great post. I think kids need to keep this pastime alive!