Friday, September 24, 2010


I have 3 kiddos. Punks. Rugrats. Offspring. Sweetie Pies. Sugar Pigs.

On any given day I can refer to them as any or all of the above.

They grow up quickly.  The Oldest is 11.  The Next Oldest (she doesn't like to be called The Middle) is 8.  The Little Guy, who isn't so little, is 4.


My daughters are getting room makeovers. I've had this planned for about a year. I had grand dreams of re-doing their rooms while they were away for sleep-away camp this summer.  Yeah. Not so much. Turns out I can find lots and lots of other things to do other than paint, move furniture and paint.  I'm not so good at the painting.

I'll post pictures as we go along.  Keep in mind that I'm not a designer.  I don't even play one on tv. I can hardly pick out my clothes for the day...maybe that is why I end up in my workout clothes all day??

 The Oldest's room. Don't knock the ceiling fan...where we live it is still in the mid-90's and humid. That fan saves us from baking!
That purple color is Tinkerbell something....the name escapes me.  It was fine for a 4 year old. Not so much for the 11 year old.

The walls are called Cinderella's Ballgown. How perfect a color for a little girl?? And we had Cinderella painted on the ceiling--along with the castle, the mice and fairy godmother. It was precious.

My 8 year old is NOT into princesses. Bye bye Cinderella.

A close up of Cinderella and the Prince. No, I didn't paint it, but the lady who did was fabulous.  I'll miss her.  Cinderella, I mean.

Okay. I take full responsibility for the hideousness of this pink. It actually glows when the lights are on. Tragic.  This is being rectified today...still pink, just a really really light shade of pink. Hopefully the girls won't feel like they've entered Pepto-Bismol land in the new and improved bathroom....

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