Sunday, September 19, 2010


Every 6 weeks or so the guy who has been cutting my hair since college drives to my house and cuts my hair.  And the hair of my husband, kids and a few neighbors.

I'm spoiled. I know. I don't splurge on a housekeeper, but hair? Yeah. I'll pay for a good haircut.   I don't have inherently "good" hair. It's not thick, wavy or's pretty thin, fine and stick-straight. My poor hair guy. But he earns his money and makes me look presentable no matter what I ask him to do. Right now I'm in the throes of growing my hair out. For those who have trod the road I'm on, you know it's f.u.n.-NOT!  Since my hair grows at a snail's pace, it will be 5 years before I'm back to the basic bob I had before I decided to jump on the pixie-cut bandwagon.

No one told me I look nothing like any of these lovely ladies. And I don't have The Hair Guy to fix my hair every day. You'd think my real friends would tell me these things. (You know who you are....)

So you can see that when The Guy comes to cut hair, my house becomes the meeting point for all those waiting to be seen by our friend with the magic scissors.  During the course of the day (which starts before lunch and goes until late afternoon) I'll have my family and the families of my neighbors in and out of my house...and being the good Southern hostess I am trying to be, I'll want to have some sort of yummy thing for them to snack on. This is my dilemma this morning.  I realize in the scheme of things in the world this isn't the most pressing matter I could be dealing with, but in my little world, this is it.

I believe that since The Hair Guy will be here over lunchtime that I should have something made for lunch that he can help himself to when he takes breaks. Chicken Spaghetti from The Pioneer Woman is a particular favorite in my house--easy to make, makes lots, everyone eats it (recipe is here. ).

My husband thinks opening a bag of potato chips and store-bought onion dip is really doing something. Obviously he knows nothing about being a hostess.

So here I am. Morning of the day I know I'll have visitors in and out for most of the day and I'm looking at day old pizza.  I'm visiting recipe sites looking for inspiration and happened upon this one.

The pictures above are from a blog called Half Baked- The Cake Blog. It is terrific! Now I'm not planning a birthday party, but how adorable is this train birthday? I'm hoping The Boy will want a train party so I can do this!

So you go peruse this site while I try to make a grocery list.

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