Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids and Summer Vacation

While summer isn't officially over until the end of September, I find myself looking back at my family vacation photos and wishing we could do it all over again. That's odd coming from me since I am a freak about my kids behaving in public. Taking them on an airplane across the United States? In a confined space for 4 hours?

Excuse me TSA agent, exactly how much food am I allowed to bring on board?

We took the kiddos to the Grand Canyon and San Francisco this summer. We went in July.  So we were at the Grand Canyon with the rest of humanity when the daytime temperatures at the base of the canyon were well over 115 degrees. Yes. We were that smart.

I'll spare you the photos of that part of the trip except to say that if you stay in Las Vegas and want to do the Grand Canyon thing, pay the money and take a helicopter.  Borrow, save, search the sofa for loose change---just do it.  You'll appreciate the air conditioned ride, the beautiful views, but most of all you'll appreciate the simple fact that you and yours will be arriving at the canyon rim in about an hour instead of the epic 6 hours you'd spend on the bus. On a bus sharing that tiny bathroom. Yuck. (I have a thing for public bathrooms.)

What I really wanted to tell you is to take your family to San  Francisco! It is a great place for families. Tons to do, great restaurants that are fine with kids, lots of neat hotels...did I mention that while we were there the high temperature was 72?  In late July. This was heaven.

This is the Fire Truck tour we took. In a word, Fantastic! We sang through the city, went across the bridge and learned a lot about the architecture of San Francisco. This is a lovely couple and the kids, all of them (and the parents) had a great time. You can learn about them here .

Muir Woods. About a 30 min drive from the city, this is a stand of Redwood Trees. Beautiful, amazing, quiet. Even the 4 year old got into the groove...he would have stayed here for hours walking the paths.

No trip to SF is complete without a visit to "The Rock".  Highly recommend getting the headphone tour as part of your ticket (but I think everyone gets them). Neat tour and everyone- the 11, 8 and 4 year old- listened to the tour and followed it. Full disclosure time- my 4 yo did end up using the audio headset as a pretend laser gun, but he kept it on and stayed interested the whole time. The boat ride out was great for all.

So I didn't put you through a complete slide show of our family vacation- just the high points. So run out and make reservations for San Fran! You'll love it!

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