Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We've Got Spirit

 My kids' school sponsors a little football team for 7-8 year olds. How cute do they look busting through the run-through? And how clever are we that we have a reusable run-through? It tapes together afterwards, we roll it up and BAM! ready for the next game. I must admit that I was especially impressed with this bit trivia. And it's so green. Didn't expect football to be so environmentally friendly, did ya?

My middle daughter cheers for this team. There are no try-outs for this cheer squad. Instead it is just something fun the girls can sign up to do. Her coach says the goal of each game is for the girls to clap together.

I like that. Let's set the bar really really low and there's no way to disappoint unless you trip on the bar!
Seriously, I do love that. The girls seem to have fun and it is really cute to watch.

My daughter has a naturally loud voice- the megaphone provides the crowd the opportunity to enjoy her vocal abilities.  She loves that megaphone. I'd like that megaphone when I'm trying to get her attention at home. Hmmm.....
What the picture doesn't show is the rest of the family. In the south it is still summer. Hot, humid, no wind, summer. This picture doesn't show the temperature reading 95 degrees. It doesn't show the parents and siblings of the cheerleaders/players sitting on cement bleachers that raise the temperature a good 10 degrees melting away and getting blistered.  It doesn't show the trees standing completely still due to lack of wind.
It also doesn't show mom working the concession stand in the shade with a fan blowing air...warm air, but the air was MOVING. This was a plus.  Mom ain't no dummy.

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a cheerleader.  This is as close as I'll get. See the crazy legs? Yeah. She's about 3 inches off the ground trying to do a "hurdler". This is a jump with one leg straight in front of you and one leg bent underneath. Too bad she's not even looking at the crowd. Is she making sure her legs are still there? Worried she's too high off the ground?
 Good arm placement, though. I'll give her that. She is her momma's daughter. I can't jump either. Poor thing.

She goes with gusto when she likes something. That is what I admire about her. She's the one to rub blisters on her hands trying to get across the monkey bars. She'll turn try and try and try to get up the hill by our home on her bike until she can do it without stopping. And she'll say these cheers till we're all just about sick and tired of them.
But she's got spirit. And that's a good thing.

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