Thursday, September 23, 2010


Has this ever happened to you?
You're at home, you've fed the kiddos something reasonably healthy and now it's later and you're hungry.  And par for the course,  the pantry is full of canned peas and green beans.  Yeah. Yum. 

In honor of my amazingly stocked pantry and the fact that I'm starving right now, I'm sharing some things my kids use to haul their food to school that you might like.  

These are my son's snicky-snack bags for school.  They were made by an amazingly creative mom at our preschool. There are 2 sizes of baggie- one fits a sandwich, the smaller one for snacks and one large drawstring "lunch" bag. These are fantastic and are along the same lines as happy sacks. They have velcro closures, nylon liner and are super fun.  Plus you're taking a baby step to reducing your use of the oodles of sandwich bags we moms go through in a year. (stepping off the miniature soap box)
 I'm sure if you're so inclined you can also make your own.  They don't seem that complicated. But that isn't saying much coming from me since I can't sew on a button.

This is a lunchbox that one of The Oldest's friends told us about. It is a version of a binto box from a company called LapTop Lunches.

It's insulated and the binto box is inside. There is room for a drink box next to the binto box. It actually comes with a water bottle that fits inside, but that is long gone....we can't keep pieces to anything together here.

Here's the inside--the little compartments usually match, but, yeah. You know. Of course the other little pink compartment is gone. Welcome to my world. That one blue piece really bugs me.

Moving on....

Now what to put in these cute little boxes?
I have found the CUTEST and most creative site for inspiration.

Melissa is the creater of this site and honestly, she's so creative. So accessable. So cool. I don't think I can like her.

But I do and I've never even met her.

How can you not like her?

Look at this

And this (in the words of my favorite Rachel Zoe, "Mah-Jor"!)

I have nothing to do with these companies or sites. I like them and think they are super cool. And anyone who can make a lunchbox lunch look this fun is my hero. 

I leave you with the coolest way to send a sliced apple to school that I've ever seen. (also from Another Lunch site...)

The 411 on this apple is great. So is the story behind it. 

Happy eating! I'm going to heat up a can of french cut green beans and pretend it's a hot fudge brownie sundae.


  1. My children would only eat the duck out of the middle of that sandwich :-)

  2. ha! that is exactly the part my son said he wanted.