Friday, October 8, 2010

Computer Not-So-Savy

Confession time. I know little to nothing about computers. I can email and download pictures with the best of them. I just learned the magic of "link" and must say that I was patting myself on the back when I figured that one out.  Now I link to EVERYTHING! In fact, at the end of this post you'll benefit from my linking ability.  

You can thank me later. 

Even with all those amazing skills, I have huge problems with anything electronic. 

My iPhone will spontaneously turn off or kick me out of an app with no notice.  

The BlueRay dvd player we have must have a grudge against me since every time I try to play a movie, it shows a "cannot read" message in the dvd window.  Do you think it  has a problem with the movies I pick?  Maybe it doesn't like Pirates of the Caribbean?

The computer I'm using to do this blog will have moments, days even, where it won't log onto the Internet.  Do you think it is trying to tell me to stop surfing?

Even my car gets in on the action.  The liftgate for the trunk has a button to push to open it. Hello lazy housewife trunk button.  When I'm in the car, the trunk won't open.  It makes noise but won't open no matter how much I talk to it, push the button or, in times of stress, yell at the trunk. 

Now, enter my husband, stage right.

All he has to do is walk into the room and the electronic space-time continuum is once again aligned. The clouds part. The sun shines down upon my countenance and, I promise you, birds start singing. 

And my electronic devices magically work. 

When he's away on a trip, it puts a kink in the web-surfing-phone-calling-emailing part of my day.  He calls it my bad juju.  

So if you're in my area, keep the electronic devices at a safe distance. I'd hate for my electromagnetic field to mess up your stuff. 

But for today, things are working well.  (He's been home for a while, so he chalks it up to his mere presence in the house.) In honor of my electronic devices working as they should, I'm going to share some links to some super cute sites...Be amazed at my linking ability. I'm sitting here patting myself on the back as I type. 

Little Household is the precious blog of a friend named Jennifer.  She and I are from the same town and her blog showcases her wonderful designs, unique finds and her adorable kids.

from Little Household- photo by Jennifer

The Crafting Chicks is a great site to see some super cute and creative stuff.  Free downloads for Halloween now.   The downloads make me want to bake something....

I Suwanee is a design site.  I like it because it reminds me of my grandmother. She said "I Suwanee" all the time. And I love that chair...and the red door....

from I Suwanee

Happy Friday, ya'll.  Hope your weekend is filled with beautiful fall days, crisp nights and no electronic devices. 

**I noticed the font changed...sorry about that. my juju is playing tricks with my computer again.**

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