Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall in Preschool

Fall where I live is the best time of year.  Not too cold or rainy. Beautiful clear blue skies and colorful leaves.  We're about 1 1/2 hours from the mountains and apple orchards.   The temperatures  are perfect for wearing your favorite jeans and that cute top you've been saving for a day just like those we're having.  I love fall. Can you tell?

My boy is in preschool.  Preschool provides the opportunity for celebrating any and everything--even the change of seasons. It's great! Just about every day is party day in preschool!

Last week was my son's Fall Party.  What exactly IS a fall party, you ask? Well, let me tell you all about it.

First they lined up and headed outside with their bags. We weren't sure what the bags were for, but hey, the teacher said to hold onto the bag, so they did.  My boy is at the end of the line. They must line up by height. 

We made it to the bike trail and the children were told by the teachers to pick up things that reminded them of fall.  My son (not pictured) was picking up sticks.  Not too fall-ish. These other little kiddies were looking for leaves, acorns and such.  

He's showing the 45th acorn he's picked up.  Can't see it, but it is a super small acorn. By this point I'm just glad he's moved past the sticks. 

This sweetie pie is picking up leaves. She didn't like the brown ones and I don't think this one made the cut to go in her bag...she didn't like the brown on it. (Look at her sparkly shoes...aren't they great?)

So we finish the walk and all the parents want a class picture.  Here is what we got....

Herding cats, I tell you. It's amazing that we got them to a spot and in a line. A group. Looking in basically the right direction. Sort of. Well, a majority of them are looking the right direction.  

Ok. Here we go. This is after parents stepping in and physically placing their child in the right position...all while we are jumping around and saying "Look here!" and "Smile!". My son never smiled. He's stoic. 

We head in for special snicky-snack. Rice Krispie treats (made by yours truly...I really went all out) and fruit.  I'm thinking the fruit will be in a bowl and we'd just give each child a few pieces.  Boy, was I wrong.  Look at how the fruit came to the party.....

Excuse my blurry picture. Each child got a cute little brown bowl that had their own individual fruit portions. The strawberries were worthy of a TV show.  It was adorable.  My poor little rectangle treats looked a bit sad next to this display of food staging. 

Next party I'm going to have to step it up a bit.  Our next party is around Thanksgiving. I'm going to start planning now. 

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  1. Omg I need a copy of that class picture!!! :) of course the one where my super focused daughter is actually facing the camera! Lol.