Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kenny Chesney & Schoolhouse Rock

Our weekend out and around. Homecoming at our school.  It's the elementary kids are involved in the festivities.  Start humming "Boys of Fall" because it was the theme music for most of our activities this weekend.
Go War Eagles!

Saturday: Breakfast of Champions

Saturday: Breakfast of Mom

Go War Eagles: The Run-Through

War Eagles: The Talk
We lost the game, but our coaches include the cheerleaders in the "after-the-game" talk".  Then they pray. They pray thanksgiving for no injuries, for the opportunity to have fun with friends and for the privilege of playing with the heart of a good sportsman.  I love that.  

Lunch of Project makers 

Project One: Welcome to Middle School. You'll need to make a model of the solar system.
Start humming Schoolhouse Rock theme music here.

Project Two: Welcome to Second Grade. You'll need to make a model of a Native American's home. 

Project Three: How Can I, the 4 year old brother, best bother my sisters while they try to finish their projcets?

Busy days. Our Sunday will truly be a day of rest.

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