Monday, October 18, 2010

Seasonal Color

So my front step looks pretty cute with my fake pumpkin topiaries and ghost door decoration.  (patting myself on the back for those...)

The rest of my house looks just as it usually does.

I was thinking I should get out and plant some "seasonal color".  That's what my yard guys call it...seasonal color.  Sometimes I call it "the bane of my existence".

I didn't inherit my mother's or grandmother's green thumb.  You'd think since I was the child of two Southerners and having grown up in the South pretty much my entire life that some kind of gardening gene would have been activated.

You'd be wrong.

Until today....look at what I saw out my kitchen window....

Look...rising from the depths of a long forgotten mum or geranium or some other seasonal color from bygone days is, dare I say it, SEASONAL COLOR!!!

Against all odds it is thriving.  I mean, look at this example of container gardening.  Impressive, isn't it?  I  think Southern Living is calling. 

Notice the pots.  Notice the pot IN the pot and the pot ON the moldy plastic side table. I'm protecting the innocent from the mold on my plastic side table. 

Stop me before I plant again.  

1 comment:

  1. Love this! So proud that your dead, forgotten mum hatched a little sproutling. Lol! Trust me I am the same way and was driving by kroger today debating whether or not I should pay 10.00 each for a trunk load of mums. :)