Friday, October 15, 2010

Whatcha Doin?

Look at this gorgeous day.  This is an iPhone picture, as are all the pictures today.  No retouch.  The sky is actually this blue today.  Gorgeous.

I got cute new shoes. They are a pretty fall color--kind of a brownish-greenish-snakeskin print.   I love them and will probably wear them every day.  I decided to wear them when I headed out pick up some stuff from my husband's office.

So here is my car after I return from my office run.  Trunk, car, every available space is filled with boxes of stuff that I'm helping my husband ship out.  This isn't even half of the boxes.  Oh my.

Look. See the head? That is the small spot I carved out for The Boy.  Look at the boxes. Boxes, boxes, boxes. 

  Exactly, little buddy.  That is exactly what I will feel like doing when I'm done with all the boxes.

Tomorrow we're off to a Day of Service at our school...well, more like an hour of service since we've got a football game to cheer for...

Pumpkin shopping,  starting a science project, college football.  That's what we're doing this weekend.

Whatcha doin this weekend?

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