Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet Paul

So evidently my sheltered existence has kept me from discovering something I think I might love.

Online magazines.

I can hear my husband sighing now because he works in, around, on, and through the internet every single day and has probably known about these amazing things for a long time.  Thanks for sharing, honey.

Through my blog-stalking, I've discovered an online magazine that is simply beautiful.  Lovely.  I want to jump into the pages of this magazine.  Or rather, I'd like to jump into my computer screen and insert myself into the places they go.

Did I say I love it?

It's called Sweet Paul.  And I want to eat the front cover.

This is their second edition.

I want a Louis Vuitton pumpkin. 

I want to picnic in the forest. Heck, I want to call it a forest and not the woods.  Forest sounds much more special, don't you think?

These are from the forest. Here is the rest of the story.  Let's go find some leaves.

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