Thursday, October 28, 2010

So Sweet

In recent weeks my little circle of friends has gotten a lot of bad news.  Today we got more bad news and sometimes it helps me deal with the bad stuff to look at super cute stuff.  It makes me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too.

Decorating sugars in fabulous colors AND coordinating polka-dot mini-cupcake liners.  Excuse me now while I go find a super fabulous cupcake recipe that is worthy of these fabulous things. (Can I say fabulous one more time? I think I just did!)

Head on over to League of Moveable Type and check out this font you can download for free!!! After I figure out which awesome mini-cupcakes to make, I can package them up and make a label with this oh-so-girly font. Love it. 
Well, maybe I just love the site/blog because I love to read and think it is cool people are creative enough to come up with these different fonts! Sans Serif and New Times Roman? Soooo yesterday.

They're reusable wall decals.  You can actually dress the doll.  They even have trees to decorate, birds and such sweet things for your child's walls.  Maybe my middle daughter's? Hmmmm.....

Okay. Shut. The. Front. Door. How cute is this centerpiece? I don't particularly care for Halloween. (Don't ask. My husband LOVES it enough for both of us.)  But seeing this makes me want to head out, get some ghostly peeps and get busy!  For sure click on the link above the picture and visit the site.  
Thanks go out to Jennifer at Little Household for introducing me to this site. Thanks, Jennifer!!

Go out. Be sweet. 

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