Wednesday, October 6, 2010


**DISCLAIMER...I saw this craft somewhere out in blogland and can't remember the please know that I'm NOT the creator of this idea.  I'm just someone who saw something and went home and copied it. **

The nights are cool here and the days are awesome! It makes me think of all things fall- especially pumpkins!

I'm not a Halloween fan, so anything pumpkin had better do double-duty at my house.  That means it should be appropriate for Halloween right through Thanksgiving.  The less rearranging of things for me, the better.  So here's a craft we started last night at 6pm.  It only took us about a hour from start to finish and the results are adorable!  My son participated for a grand total of 3 minutes, but he was a great cheerleader for the other 57 minutes of the project.  So get your table covered, get your kids,  get the stuff and get started!

You'll need Modge Podge, a fake pumpkin (mine are from Michael's...they were 50% off!), sponge brushes and fall or Halloween scrapbook paper.

From our experience, smaller pieces of paper work better.  Put the Modge Podge on the back of the piece of paper, stick it to the pumpkin and then put more Modge Podge over that piece.  You'll need to use your fingers to smooth everything out.  By the way, we didn't cover the bottom of the pumpkins. We just put the paper as low as was needed to cover the pumpkin when you looked at it. Notice the faucets  next to my daughter.  They've been there for 2 weeks. Someday we'll get those installed. Good of me to get them out of the picture.  Welcome to my real life. Faucets on the kitchen table, mattresses on the landing, laundry everywhere. And we're doing crafts. I have my priorities straight!

Let the pumpkins dry overnight.  I set mine outside on wax paper because the Modge Podge fumes were starting to get a little strong!

To finish them off, I printed out labels from it is what it is. Too cute.  I used my kitchen twine to tie the labels on, but raffia would be cuter.

Finished product! Hope the teachers like them.

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