Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Farm

Uncle Bob's Farm.  13 preschoolers.  8 parents.  Wait--maybe 10 parents. I honestly can't remember.

No snack time.  Port-a-Potties.  Yuck.

And the complaining...oh the complaining.  From the parents.  We were hot.  We were cold.  We were wet.  We were battling the humidity.  Welcome to fall in my state.  It rocks.


It all starts out so well.  Sweet children, walking hand in hand down the gravel path toward the first exhibit.

Here we are in the first exhibit- Bats.  My son is on the left.  I wonder exactly what was showing in that bat movie?

Look how cute they are. They are listening to a potter talk about clay. And oxidation. And hydration. And ionization.  Sure.  Our 4 year olds are super smart and completely understand the natural coloring process of our native soil.  Yeeahh. Riiight.

By this point we're past snack time with no snack.  The kids are restless.  The parents are restless and some of us were trying to figure a way to snag the school bus and head out to pick up some refreshments...

  And the little pumpkins have melted into what you see during the sheep shearing demonstration.

They weren't interested in shearing sheep.  I'm sure all the little girls are behaving perfectly.  See the cutie pie in the braids paying attention and all the boys looking on at the fun of breaking that tree?

I love preschool faces.  They crack me up.  They were so good. Through it all--rain, wind, heat, humidity, the corn maze (don't ask) and  patiently waiting while all of the parents in the general vicinity took thousands of pictures to preserve this moment forever in time.

And here is reality.  Don't think I didn't think about using  photoshop.  It was like herding cats.
Just keeping it real.

Happy Tuesday, Ya'll.  I need a nap.

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