Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Ready

As I've said before, Halloween is not my favorite holiday.

My husband and kids love love love it.

We'll be having Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper, Princess Leia and a Varsity car hop at my house this year.

Me? What will I be this year?

Well, this year I'm going through a hair crisis. (Stay with me. My hair has everything to do with the Halloween costume question.)  I cut it super duper short and am in the agonizingly slow process of growing it out. I do this a lot. My hair guy knows when my hair reaches a certain length, I'll come to him with a picture of some 16 year old model/actress (because they are ALL model/actresses now, right?) with a pixie haircut and beg him to cut my hair just like the picture.

Unfortunately, I'm not 16.  I'm not Twiggy and I don't have Mr. Hairstylist-who-goes-with-me-everywhere-so-my-hair-is-perfect-every-day.  Thus the haircut, while cute in and of itself, quickly becomes something to harp on.

So, this year, in honor of my hair being in that fantastic stage that is growing out a short haircut, I'm going to be.....
Justin Beiber!!!!

Heck, I think I even have that purple sweater in my closet.  My hair can *totally* do that. 

Trick or treat, man.

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